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Elite Specialty Care serves as a leading provider of multi- specialty services. Our qualified team of fellowship trained, and board-certified physicians and staff offer comprehensive, high quality medical care to our patients, working collectively to ensure every patient receives the most comprehensive care. Our Clifton personal injury team specializes in the treatment of various conditions including auto accident, construction injuries, accidental slip and falls and other sports-related Injuries. Our award-winning team of orthopedic Spine surgeons, neurologists, psychologist, general orthopedic surgeons, pain management physicians and trained medical staff deliver top of the line care to complex cases. We strive to provide our patients with the most optimal patient experience and satisfaction using the latest minimally invasive techniques and treatments. Our team of providers are skilled with a diverse range of qualifications and specialties using the most advanced medical equipment and innovative procedures to diagnose and treat a range of conditions related to personal injury, workman’s compensation, and complex cases. We offer convenient locations throughout New York and New Jersey. In addition to this, our providers have privileges at multiple leading hospitals and facilities making it easily accessible for patients to request an appointment.

Elite Personal Injury NJ

Our mission is to serve our patients throughout the communities by providing the highest quality care in a compassionate, safe, and secure environment.

At Elite Specialty Care we believe that your treatment and surgical processes should be pain free emphasizing on your recovery. Our healthcare delivery approach is personalized to every patient that receives care and we make your treatment our first priority.


Elite Specialty Care is the top multi-specialty healthcare organization in New Jersey and New York. We achieves this by attracting relationships with the best and most respected physicians, professionals, and staff.

We reach out to a broad and diverse community, serving as a model organization in providing a wide range of doctors and staff who communicate with those we serve.


Excellence – We strive to provide excellent care to our patients through delivering quality healthcare services.

Leadership – We demonstrate leadership in providing high value healthcare and delivering excellent clinical quality, patient safety, and service.

Integrity– We are committed to protecting the integrity of the patient record and hold patient confidentiality in the highest regard.

Teamwork –Our team adheres to the highest standards in providing the patient centric care.

Education – Our team expands the horizons of medical knowledge by providing a team of highly skilled physicians and staff.

Personal Injury, Workman’s Compensation, and Sports Injury Multi Specialty Practice in New York and New Jersey

Many patients that are victim to a personal injury case for slips and falls seek the team at Elite Specialty Care for customized treatment plans that fit your needs. Many patients often wait to see a doctor for fear of getting medical bills or to miss work. The service team of New Jersey personal injury at Elite Specialty Care has you covered. We recommend that if you are injured that you seek medical treatment immediately. If you were injured in a slip and fall accident, but have not received medical treatment, you need to be seen by a doctor right away. The Elite team will guide you through your treatment plan which includes the scheduling of your appointments, dealing with your insurance and handling all your personal injury insurance claims.
Do not delay treatment!