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Nabil M. Yazgi, MD

Areas of Expertise



Chronic/Acute Post Concussion Syndrome

Work Related Injuries

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Neuropathy, Radiculopathy, Polyradiculopathy

Neurodegenerative Disease-Parkinsons Disease

Bell’s Palsy


Back Pain


Dr. Nabil Yazgi is a general neurologist and is board certified by the American Board of Neurology and Psychiatry. He has been in practice for more than 20 years. He is a specialist in the treatment of diseases of the brain and spinal cord, peripheral nerves, and muscles. Dr. Yazgi is dedicated to helping patients with a variety of neurological disorders. He believes that trust between doctor and patient and detailed history of conditions are the cornerstones for successful treatment of various neurological conditions. Dr. Yazgi is highly experienced in the fields of Epilepsy, EEG, EMG, and Neuromuscular disorders. His areas of expertise include electrophysiology including EMG testing and treatment of epilepsy and neuropathies among other common disorders such as stroke, dementia, Parkinson’s disease, and migraines. He has a great interest in patients with Head Injuries, Cerebral Concussion, Post-Concussion Syndrome and the sequalae of Traumatic Brain Injury. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his family, weightlifting, and traveling.


  • Conditions

    • Ankle arthroscopy
    • Ankle fusion
    • Brostrom repair
    • Endoscopic procedures for Plantar Fasciitis and heel pain
    • Limb salvage surgical procedures
    • MBAC
    • Neruoma repairs
    • Pediatric foot surgery
    • PRP
    • Reconstructive repair of diabetic deformities
    • Surgery for all sport related injuries
    • Surgical repair of foot or ankle fractures
    • Subtalar joint fusion
    • Tarsal tunnel syndrome
    • Total ankle replacement
    • Wound care management for all diabetic related conditions
  • Procedures

    • Blood testing
    • Brain imaging (MRI, CT scan)
    • Brainstem auditory evoked response (BAER)
    • Electroencephalography (EEG)
    • Electromyogram (EMG)
    • Nerve conduction study (NCS)
    • Ultrasound imaging
    • Visual Evoked Potential (VEP)